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QuickDuct CAD is 64 bit enabled!

Seamless CAM interface

We are proud to introduce our 3D HVAC design software, the QuickDuct CAD. When you pair this software with the technology behind AutoCAD 2014, you can expect professional results consistently. This software gives you all of the tools you need to read shop drawings and 3D coordination drawings. QuickDucts' powerful features for editing, and duct routing reduce hours of work to just minutes.

An industry first, Ripple Edit gives users the ability to correct mistakes in mere seconds. There is no need to redraw or edit more than one fitting in a duct line; simply make the necessary changes to one fitting and QuickDuct automatically edits the rest of the duct line and applies your personal fabrication standards.

Automatic Tagging is just one more area where QuickDuct trumps its competition. Manually adding useful text is easy with QuickDuct CAD. It is as simple as selecting the desired fitting and choosing the appropriate data from a list. Shop Data Systems, Inc. is also the only company in the market that provides its users with 3D Lights. QuickDuct CAD can support taps for rectangle and circular lights or diffusers in its well stocked equipment library, which also includes an expandable list of Air Handlers, VAV boxes, and diffusers. Additional QuickDuct Features

           Automatic Routing

  • QuickDuct CAD's automatic routing utility makes routing from point to point a one click operation. It will also automatically adjust throat sizes of elbows in routes up to a user specified maximum to eliminate additional small and costly short joint.

          Automatic Connecting


  • Simply select the two ducts and choose the type of transitioning duct you would like to use whether it is a simple transition, a square offset, or a radius O.G.

    Automatic Dimensioning

  • One of the most time consuming parts of any CAD drawing is labeling. QuickDuct CAD automatically dimensions size, length, offset, angle and elevation changes.

    Automatic Piece Number


  • Another time consuming function is made easy with QuickDucts intelligent piece numbering.Options for orientation and placement assure users will have minimal text interferences.

    Produce Duct Reports

  • By interfacing Crystal Reports with Shop Data, you have the tools you need to extract critical data for estimating, production, shipping, inventory management, purchasing and more.

    Download to Fabrication

  • QuickDuct CAD seamlessly integrates with QuickDuct CAM, which means once the drawing is complete, you are minutes instead of hours away from pattern layout, nesting and cutting. Fully compatible shop standards between CAD & CAM assure no downloading problems. Since QuickDuct CAD is Fabrication Smart, if it can't be built, it won't be drawn.

    Download to Estimating

  • QuickDuct has teamed up with industry estimating software companies to provide its users with ultimate design engineering and change order options. QuickDuct allows for estimates of either the whole drawing or a user specified area.


Compatible with Auto CAD 2015





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